Trivia Night Raises $5,000 +

Shane & Richelle raise over $5000 for Parkinson's at their fundraisera trivia night85 amazing supporters joined Shane & Richelle at The Carron Hotel in Melbourne for a spectacular night of trivia, an inspirational speaker, Beau Miles, some great silent auction items, plenty of prizes, and some fantastic food and drinks!

Richelle and Shane, the organisers (and founders of The Ultra Life) raised over $1,000 in a silent auction, which included items such as; signed football jerseys, pharmacy packs and luxury accommodation – to name just a few.

Not only did they do this, they also raised an additional $700 in a Heads & Tails game which saw our man of the moment, Vaughan Prout, win a Go Pro.  Vaughan was diagnosed with early on set Parkinson’s and is the reason Shane and Richelle now run events to raise funds to find the cure for Parkinson’s.

Vaughan apparently had some amazing support from his table in the Heads & Tails game with a total contribution of over $200 from that table for that game alone, paying to keep him in the game!

All in all the night raised just over $5000 for the Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

“We were super proud of our efforts, as neither Shane or I have done anything like this before.  It was great teamwork, as Shane’s the personality, so he spent the night networking with everyone, and Im the organiser type, so with my 4 spreadsheets in hand I spent the night running around making sure all was running smoothly!  Lots of fun, but we were both zombies the next day!” Said Richelle after completing the Trivia night

The Shake It Up Team would like to say a big THANK YOU to Shane and Richelle for their amazing efforts and hope that their ideas, enthusiasum and success encourage others to join fight to find the cure for Parkinson’s.

If you would like to show your support to Shane and Richelle, please visit their website to make a donation;

Trivia Night raises over $5000 for Parkinson's ResearchTrivia Night raises over $5000 for parkinson's research and Shake It up Australia Foundation
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