Clyde Campbell Shakes It Up for a Parkinson’s Cure

Clyde Campbell - Parkinson's disease - Shake It Up Australia Foundation

Clyde is the founder of Shake It Up Australia Foundation and has an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for the future. Clyde decided not to sit back and wait for the rest of the world to find a cure for Parkinson’s but to join the action. In 2011 he launched Shake it up Foundation Australia with one mission – to increase awareness and funding in Australia targeted at finding better treatments and ultimately the cure.

“Did I want to be Clyde that has Parkinson’s or Clyde that did something about having Parkinson’s” – Clyde Campbell

Clyde also wanted to ensure that 100% of all donations received went to Parkinson’s research.  This commitment is made possible by Clyde and his brother Greg funding all the administration and overhead costs of the foundation.   Since 2011 the foundation has funded over $3 Million into Parkinson’s Research in Australia and are now the leading non-government funder of Parkinson’s research across multiple institutes.

A bit About ClydeClyde Campbell and Family

Clyde Campbell was diagnosed at  the age of 44 with Parkinson’s disease. Originally from northern New South Wales, Clyde lives now with his wife and three children in Sydney, Australia.

Clyde was diagnosed in 2009, after noticing a tremor in his left hand holding notes when presenting at a company meeting.  The question Clyde asks himself is one that more than 80,000 Australians with Parkinson’s have no doubt asked: “Why me?”

After coming to terms with his prognosis, Clyde set out to learn as much as possible about Parkinson’s and what was being done worldwide to find a cure.


About our Partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Michael J Fox & Clyde Campbell

Clyde’s search led him to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) in the United States and the remarkable work they do to fund medical research targeted at finding better treatments on the path to a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

The approach MJFF take to assessing, funding and project managing world’s best research all over the globe eliminates redundancy, ensures efficiency and unites the global community in the quest to find a cure. Clyde realised that funding Parkinson’s research in partnership with MJFF was the best thing that he could do to help himself, his family and the 80,000 other Australians living with the disease.

This partnership was formed in 2011 and in addition to the $3 Million in funding from Shake Up  Australia, the Michael J. Fox Foundation have co-funded our research projects, resulting in the total of funds directed into Australian Research at over $6 Million.

Clyde 7 years on from Diagnosis

Clyde Campbell appears on The Daily Edition for World Parkinson's DayThese days Clyde keeps himself very busy  with his role as the Australian Regional Director for Scott Automation & Robotics, where he manages a team of over 70 engineers from offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.   He also takes on a daily role in the foundations operations and is Chairman of the board. Clyde is also very active as the foundation spokesperson by raising awareness of Parkinson’s through radio and TV interviews as well as participating in athletic events, meeting up with researchers and Shake It Up Supporters.

Clyde manages his Parkinson’s symptoms through a combination of medication and lifestyle choices.  He consistently exercises through either a daily run with his very enthusiastic running partner “Zeb the Dog”, or by paddling his surf ski around the harbour.   He also ensures he keeps a healthy lifestyle and gets good nights sleep.  Not all days go according to plan, but it never stops him.

Clyde and Michael appeared on Channel 7’s Sunday Night Program

As Michael J. Fox said, “Clyde could sit back and afford to live a private life and to not get involved and deal with his own issues, but Clyde’s enthusiasm and his purity of motive is contagious”.

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