Terms of use

Shake It Up Australia Foundation Event Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all Shake It Up Australia Foundation awareness campaigns and fundraising events. Shake It Up Australia Foundation reserves its right to terminate approval for an event if at any time if it deems that the event organiser has failed to adhere to any of these terms and conditions.

1. Holding your own event

1.1.  The event will be conducted in your (the fundraiser’s) name and the event is your sole responsibility. You agree to release Shake It Up Australia Foundation to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims and demands of any kind in any way associated with the event, and indemnify Shake It Up Australia Foundation from all liability or costs that may arise in respect of any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person in any way associated with the event caused by your breach of these guidelines or negligence.

1.2.  You undertake that you will at no time present yourself, including any staff member or volunteer, as a volunteer or staff member of Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

1.3.  Shake It Up Australia Foundation is not able to take a coordination role in your event and its officers cannot assist in soliciting prizes, organising publicity, or providing goods or services for the purpose of the running the event.

1.4.  All individual DIY events must be registered with Shake It Up Australia Foundation. This requirement is not applicable if you are participating in an already approved events such as The Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival, City 2 Surf etc. A list of approved events is displayed on the Shake It Up Australia Foundation website.

1.5.  Shake It Up Australia will issue you with an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ upon approval of your event.

1.6.  You acknowledge that your event is moral and ethical.

1.7.  All persons under 18 years old must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate

1.8.  Insurance is the responsibility of the event organiser.

1.9.  It is your responsibility to keep accurate financial records. If expenses are to be deducted they must be properly documented and be less than 25% of total revenue collected. You must clearly identify the net amount or percentage to be donated on any marketing materials prepared for the event. Shake It Up Australia Foundation cannot pay expenses incurred by you.

1.10. All funds raised from events must be deposited either via your fundraising page or by depositing cash to the Shake It Up bank account within 14 days of the event.

Shake It Up Australia Foundation BSB: 062- 502

Account N.o: 1039 1283

If tax deductible receipts for supporters who make donations of $2.00 or more are required, the fundraiser must advise that this is the case when making their application. The fundraiser will be required to keep a detailed register of donors’ names, email, addresses and donation amounts.

Please note that if any benefit is received in return for money then it is no longer classified as a donation and is not tax deductible. For example, if you sell tickets to a lunch the ticket price is not tax deductible, as food and wine are being received.

2. Raffle and Auction items

2.1. If you wish to raffle or auction items during your event, then, as a rule, all items should be donated at no cost to your event.

2.2. It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary permits or licences for your event and to review fundraising regulations with your state authority. We suggest you contact;




The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing


(02) 9995 0300



Dept. Justice (Consumer Affairs Vic & Vic.Commission for Gambling Regulation)


1300 558 181



QLD Office of Gaming Regulation


13 74 68



Liquor and Gaming branch representing Tasmanian Gaming Commission


(03) 6233 3100



Licensing and Regulation Division, NT Dept. Of Justice

www.nt.gov.au/justice/licenreg/gaming/in dex.shtml

(08) 8935 7777



ACT Gaming & Racing Commission


(02) 6207 3000

3. Use of the Shake it Up Logo and Brand identity

The Shake It Up Australia Foundation encourages individuals and communities to fundraise on its behalf. A specific version of the Shake It Up Logo is available to event organisers for use in keeping with the guidelines contained herein.

To ensure the logo is used effectively and appropriately, the following must be followed:

3.1 Shake It Up Australia Foundation may provide you with a range of branded items to use during your event, once you are an approved and registered event you are able to use the logo which can be downloaded from our website. The following applies to the use of this logo;

3.1.1 Your event must be registered and approved with the Shake It Up Australia Foundation before you are permitted to use the Shake It Up logo.

3.1.2 You are not permitted to use The Michael J. Fox Foundation logo or wording with your event.

2.1.3 If you would like to use the Shake It Up logo on items that can be sold; for example merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, bags etc… then you must request confirmation from the Shake It Up Australia Foundation to do so. Please be aware that it is illegal under Australian Law to create unofficial merchandise.

3.1.4 Shake It Up must not be used as part of the name of the event for example;

        • Shake it Up Australia Party
        • Shake It Up Australia Pizza
        • Shake It Up Marathon

It needs to be clear that your event is supporting Shake It Up Australia for example;

        • Party for Parkinson’s proudly supporting Shake It Up Australia 
        • Pizza for Parkinson’s, proceeds will be donated to Shake It Up Australia
        • 75% of proceeds from this event will go to Shake It Up Australia

3.2 Graphic Standards

3.2.1 The logo must be reproduced by downloading the authorised version on the Shake It Up Australia Foundation website. Under no circumstances is it to be redrawn or modified in any way. Once it is downloaded it may only be reduced or enlarged proportionately.

3.2.2 You may not add any text to the Shake It Up logo. Text must be placed far enough away from the logo that it is clearly separate. The space between the two will depend on the area available and the overall size of the finished piece.

3.2.3  Authorised Logo’s on the website include; colour, black and white and white. The logo may not be reproduced in any other colours.

3.2.4  If you are having items professionally printed, the printer may ask you for the logo’s PMS colours. These are

        • Dark Orange: Pantone 1375C, Hex Code; #f39200
        • Light Orange: Pantone 143C, Web Hex: #f9b233
        • Grey: Pantone 425C, Hex Code: #575756
3.2.5  The logo must not be made transparent or used as a watermark.
Please maintain the integrity of the Shake It Up Australia Foundation brand at all times. If you are unsure of the correct use please email enquiries@shakeitup.org.au

4. Media

4.1. All media material and releases must be approved by Shake It Up Australia Foundation prior to circulation.

4.2. You must not approach celebrities or companies using the name of Shake It Up Australia unless specific prior written approval has been given by Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

5. Participant details and information

5.1. All information provided must be true and correct.
5.2. Participants must ensure any content provided to the Shake It Up Australia Foundation for use on the Facebook page, twitter, YouTube Channel or another medium owned by the Shake It Up Australia Foundation must be; 5.2.1. Original and not copied, and was created by the participant

5.2.2. Does not breach the intellectual property rights of any third party 5.2.3. Does not include (or link to) any content that breaches any law, infringes the rights of any person or is obscene, offensive, discriminatory, indecent or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate. Without limitation, participants must not include (or include a link to) any content that involves malice, swearing or which may be defamatory or in contempt of court;

5.2.4. Does not include (or link to) any literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, any audio-visual or sound recording, or any other item in which copyright subsists (“Copyright Content”) unless the participant is entitled to do so. If a participant has any doubts about whether they have the right to include (or link to) any Copyright Content they must not include it. By including any Copyright Content, the participant warrants that they are entitled to do so; and

5.2.5. Contains no viruses or other computer code or material embedded in it which may have a negative impact on the Shake It Up Australia Foundation fan page or any network or third party computer systems.

6. Privacy Policy

Details from all participants will be collected and used for the purposes of future correspondence and for publicity purposes surrounding Shake It Up Australia Foundation. We do not rent, sell or exchange any information.

7. Information for under 18’s

7.1.  Ensure your parent or legal guardian agrees to and signs the Terms of Use.

7.2.  Ensure you have a responsible adult to assist in collecting and banking donations.

7.3.  Always play it safe when collecting donations. Take a responsible adult with you if collecting in public places or door knocking and think twice before sharing information online.

8. Information for parents and legal guardians

8.1.  We strongly encourage you to conduct ongoing conversations with your children about safe internet practices and the risk of sharing photos and personal information online.

8.2.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Facebook privacy settings in order to assist children to use Facebook in a safe manner. For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/policy.php.

8.3.  We ask parents and legal guardians to closely supervise the collection and handling of all donations to ensure the safety of your children and we ask that all funds be banked in a timely manner.

9. Delivery

Delivery Information:

Products available from this website are dispatched from Sydney, Australia. Please allow 7-10 working days delivery within Australia for standard merchandise items.

Please note that a signature is required on delivery in most cases. We suggest delivery direct to your office. If you provide us with Post Office Box details, we may contact you to arrange an alternate delivery address, depending on the size of the order being delivered to you.

If our freight carrier is unsuccessful in delivery to you on more than one occasion, the package may be returned to our warehouse. In the unlikely event that this occurs, to re-send your parcel, an additional freight charge may need to be applied prior to dispatch.

If your order is urgent, please contact us and include your order number reference.

Delivery Charges: Please note freight costs apply to selected orders and will be added to your shopping cart on checkout. Pricing below includes GST for Australian delivery.

Returns and Refunds:

Please choose your items carefully and ensure you check the sizing is correct –  we want you to enjoy your merchandise as soon as you receive your order.

To return an item, please contact us prior to sending an item(s) back.

Please send your item(s) to:

Shake It Up Australia Foundation
PO Box 710
Spit Junction NSW  2088

Goods must be returned within 30 days of order date with any clothing items unworn and unwashed. All products returned will be inspected to ensure the product is refundable. Once approved for return we will credit your original method of payment, excluding the delivery fee. The delivery fee will be credited if the product delivered is faulty, or does not match what you have ordered.

We suggest returning your item(s) by Recorded Delivery, Registered Post or your local equivalent as we cannot accept any liability for goods lost in transit. Return postage costs are the responsibility of the customer and we recommend you email us prior to returning an item(s) so we can expect your parcel.