Desperado – The Eagles Show

Arguably the hottest & most popular concept band working the circuit, this 6 piece band authentically reproduce The Eagles sound. With 3 good lead vocalists you can shut your eyes & believe you are listening to the real thing. As seasoned musicians, Desperado also pay attention to detail to produce the exact guitar sounds you would expect when you listen to an Eagles song.
The Eagles Show – Desperado generates capacity crowds wherever it performs. Supported by young local performers.

WINNERS of the 36th & 37th annual MO Awards for Best Tribute Band
WINNERS of the 15th,17th & 20th annual ACE Awards for Best Tribute Band

The Desperado band came to Shake It Up through keys player Vernon, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years ago, thinking it would be the end of his musical career.

But the band rallied around Vernon, giving him the support he needed to continue the show. Their commitment to each other has been inspirational to us at Shake It Up. Interestingly, Vernon feels best when he is playing — his symptoms disappear, and he can enjoy himself.

Vernon found Shake It Up through his PD neurologist and nurse, and it was Vernon’s bandmate, Jason who inspired him to take action. This year, the band are supporting Shake It Up Foundation to slow, stop and ultimately cure Parkinson’s disease by fundraising at their shows and through their social media channels. We are grateful for their support and the awareness they will bring to Parkinson’s Disease through their performances.



Band and Technical members are:
Brendan Tinker : Lead Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals:
Clay Phillips: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals:
Ross Russo : Guitar and Vocals:
Jason Rodziewicz : Drums and Vocals:
Mark Anthony : Lead Vocals and Guitar:
Trevor Walsh : Bass and vocals:
Vernon Aliberti : Keyboards:
Gaby Vendetti : Production Crew- Sound:
Jake Rodziewicz : Production Crew – Lights and Tech:
Charles Sutton: Photographer and Archivist.