Dilruk Runs a Half Marathon to Shake It Up for Parkinson’s

Last Sunday Dilruk Jayasinha took on a half marathon for Shake It Up to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s Research. This year Dilruk was announced as an ambassador in Run Melbourne, but after committing to the run, he was invited to the Just for Laughs in Montreal which is an incredible honour. Dilruk wanted to honour his commitment to Run Melbourne and Shake It Up so ran his own race a week earlier in Albert Park. Parkinson’s is a cause close to Dilruk’s  heart after his dad was diagnosed a few years ago, and we thank him for his continued support.

Dilruk runs a half marathon for Shake It Up to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's Research

So last Sunday Dilruk and some of his comedy mates Dave Thornton, Kelly Fustuca and Brett Blake joined him to show their support.  They all got right behind the cause and Brett even made a special shout out to his socials where he dared them to donate if they wanted him to run the entire 21km after a rather long night out and no training. His fans didn’t disappoint and Brett completed the challenge which help lift the total raised to over $3600. You can still show your support for Dilruk until the end of the week.

If you haven’t listened to the popular podcast that Diruk and Ben Lomas do together called Fit Bet Pod this weeks episode is a great one to tune into. So all their supporters could be part of this challenge Ben seized the opportunity to do their first outside broadcast and jumped on his bike to record and and interview the entire run. There was lots of laughs alongside some very big achievements! You can check this out at the link below:

Dilruk said, “It was truly an incredible experience and I can’t tell you what a happy chappy it made me. Thank you to everyone who donated and just friendly reminder that donations are still open for the week and don’t forget it’s still not too late to register to have a crack at the 5K, 10K or 21K this weekend.”