From Diagnosis On: My First Days with Parkinson’s
Sunday, 2nd October 2022

A Parkinson’s diagnosis can bring many different emotions — denial, anger, sadness, frustration. It’s important to know that no matter what emotions you feel, you’re not alone. Listen as experts — people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones — discuss how they’ve navigated emotions in the early years with Parkinson’s. This podcast episode offers personal reflections on steps people can take toward acceptance and real-world advice for those recently diagnosed and beyond.

Host and person with Parkinson’s Larry Gifford leads a discussion with expert panelists:

  • Barry Grey, nonfiction writer, TV producer and book editor; diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2021 at age 65
  • John Lipp, Parkinson’s advocate, writer and nonprofit executive; diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015 at age 49
  • Tim Hague Sr., registered nurse, founder of U-Turn Parkinson’s, co-founder of PD Avengers; diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011 at age 46
  • Sheryl Hague: Tim Hague Sr.’s wife and care partner

In this podcast, the host also highlights six tips for your first year with Parkinson’s (and beyond). Learn about those tips on our website.