Fundraising for The Shake It Up Australia Foundation (9)

Can the Shake It Up Australia Foundation help promote my event?

We may choose to promote public events that are created by our members on our website and / or social media channels. You may request for us to feature your event however we reserve the right to decline.

Can I sell items with the Shake It Up Logo on it?

If you wish to create merchandise to sell with the Shake It Up Australia Foundation on it, then it must be explicitly approved by us. Please be aware that it is illegal under Australian Law to create unofficial Merchandise.

What materials can Shake It Up provide me?

The Shake It Up Australia Foundation can provide you with branded;

  • T-Shirt or Singlets
  • Caps
  • Stickers
  • Promotional material
  • Clinical trial flyers
  • Donation Envelopes

How do I set up a fundraising page?

Go to; http://www.gofundraise.com.au/beneficiary/SIUAF

  1. Select start fundraising
  2. Select The Shake It Up Foundation as the Fundraising occasion
  3. Select if this is a personal challenge or as a team, set yourself up as the “Team Leader” if others will be raising with you in this event.
  4. Enter your fundraising eg. Help me “Shake It Up” for Parkinson’s in the Great Ocean Rd Marathon
  5. Enter your target
  6. Upload an image
  7. Write a message to say what charity you are supporting and why, it is always better to include a personal story
  8. Make an initial donation to get the ball rolling, this will help set the amount you expect others to donate.
  9. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family

What is a matching gift and how can it help my fundraising efforts?

Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles (or in some cases, triples) your gift. By participating in these programs, you and your supporters can significantly increase the impact of your contribution in the fight to cure Parkinson’s disease.
Contact your company’s Human Resources or Finance department to see if your company has a matching gift program (and encourage your donors to do the same), taking note of any possible restrictions. Fill out the proper forms, and then send your paperwork with donations to The Shake It Up Australia Foundation. Remind your donors that their companies may have matching gift programs too.

Will donors who support my fundraising efforts be contacted by the foundation?

Your donors will not be solicited for donations to The Shake It Up Australia Foundation. They may however receive a newsletter with news about the foundation and the latest in Parkinson’s research. They will have an option to unsubscribe at any time.

How do I direct people to my fundraising page?

You can direct people to your fundraising page in a number of ways, below are some quick strategies for you to use;

  • Email your friends and family with a link to your fundraising page
  • Post the link on your Linkedin profile
  • Create a Facebook event page with a link to your fundraising page and invite your friends to like and share
  • Place the link on the bottom of your emails

Can I use the Shake It Up Australia Foundation Logo?

You may only use The Shake It Up Australia Foundation logo after your event has been approved. The logo must be reproduced by downloading the authorised version in our website. You may not use an reference to The Michael J. Fox Foundation in your own fundraising events. Please refer to our Logo Terms of Use before you get started and contact us if you have any quires.

Can I create items (hats, shirts, mugs etc) with the Shake It Up Logo?

If you would like to use The Shake It Up Australia Foundation logo on items, then you must receive explicit confirmation to do so. Please email your designs to enquires@shakeitup.org.au for approval.

Applying for a grant (1)

How do I apply for a research grant?

As part of our partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation all applications for grants are submitted through their process for review and approval.

To submit an application to research funding please follow the link below:


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your require any further assistance via enquiries@shakeitup.org.au 


Fundraising in an Athletic Event (3)

What events has Shake It Up officially partnered with?

Shake It Up Australia Foundation is the “Headline’ charity for this years Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.   Most other events however allow you to fundraise and you can generally select us as your preferred charity during registration



Can I participate in a partner running event and raise money for Shake It Up If i gain my own entry?

Yes. You can run in any of the running events that we are partnered with. You can do this on the entry form usually under “select a charity you wish to fundraise for” and select The Shake It Up Australia Foundation. If you have already registered for the running event go the event site and there will be a link to setup a fundraising page

Can I participate in any athletic event and raise funds for Shake It Up.

Yes. If the event has a charity section on registration just select “Shake It up Australia Foundation” as your charity.   If the event has a particular charity attached then you can make an independent page – All you need to do is go to http://www.gofundraise.com.au/beneficiary/SIUAF and set up a fundraising page. Please note we are not currently approved to fund raise in South or Western Australia so the event must not be in either of these states.