Jay Shakes It Up for Parkinson’s by Selling Entertainment Books

Our hero this week is Jay who wanted to support her husband’s Aunty who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Jay was so inspired by her grace and positivity that she wanted to help contribute to finding a cure.  Each year Jay sells Entertainment Book to raise funds for Parkinson’s research.

What Drives Your Commitment to find a cure for Parkinson’s?

Jay Shake It Up for Parkinson's by selling Entertainment Books

Jay’s Husband Jon and his Aunty Janice

My husband’s Aunty was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago. Last year she wrote a short story about her experiences with Parkinson’s called “My Nana is a Mover and a Shaker”. I have so much admiration for her grace and positivity in dealing with such a debilitating disease and I wanted to do something to contribute to finding a cure.

Why Shake It Up Australia?

When choosing a charity to support, I want to ensure that as much of the proceeds as possible are going to the purpose of the charity rather than marketing and overheads. 100% of donations to the Shake It Up Foundation actually go to finding a cure for Parkinson’s and the Foundation also partners with other organisations to ensure maximum efficiency.

Tell us what you are doing to Shake Things Up?

Each year I sell The Entertainment Book to raise funds for a charity. Last year I decided to start supporting the Shake It Up Foundation.

If you are interested in getting an Entertainment book and support Parkinson’s research you can buy one here.

Entertainment Books Raise funds for Parkinson's


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