Johanna Hosts a Barefoot Bowls Event for Parkinson’s
Thursday, 5th November 2015

This week’s Shake It Up Hero is Johanna, who stepped up her usual running for fundraising, to host her own lawn bowls event!

What Drives Your Commitment to find a cure for Parkinson’s?

My Nan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I saw the first-hand impact on her and my family. I’d love there to be a cure so that others can have more time and more memories with their loved ones.

Why Shake It Up Australia?

I met Clyde at an information session a few years ago. His passion to find a cure was captivating. I had never heard someone so enthusiastic and engaging. He was adamant and still is, that we will find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Shake It Up Australia invests much-needed funds in research, which is imperative to find a cure.

Tell us what you are doing to Shake Things Up?

Each year I participate in the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival. It’s become somewhat of a tradition. This year I wanted to host an event to fundraise. I held a Shake It Up Lawn Bowls day. Thanks to the generosity of the Fitzroy Victoria Bowling and Sporting Club we were able to have an afternoon of lawn bowls with a BBQ lunch and plenty of laughs! The day was a huge success, with close to $1,000 raised!

Barefoot Bowls for Parkinson's

Greatest Reward?

Knowing that my contribution, through the generosity of family and friends, will go to Australian research. Funding research allows scientists to learn more about Parkinson’s to help find a cure!

Best advice for people looking to Shake It Up?

Sometimes it is easy to feel as though a small contribution won’t make a difference. Hosting an event is a great way to combine all those small contributions into something big. If you’re going to host an event make it fun! An event that benefits both the people attending and Shake It Up will always draw a crowd.