Larapinta Trek for Parkinson’s 2019

Shake It up Founder and CEO Clyde Campbell joined 16 other passionate Shake It Up Supporters to trek the Larapinta Trail.  

The team departed on this amazing adventure in late August and you can read about their challenging and inspiring experience below. 

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The team have arrived in Alice Springs and enjoyed a Welcome to Country from a local elder in the Botanic Gardens before heading to team dinner.


Departing early from the comfort of Alice Springs, the team head off into the wilderness and start our first walk, a beautiful 16km taking in the inspiring Euro Ridge and finishing at Wallaby Gap. The day was a challenging start to the trek. Returning to the campsite, we set up our swags/tents and enjoyed a Aussie BBQ dinner. 

Today’s trek took in the Western section of the Larapinta Trail from Serpentine Gorge to Serpentine Chalet Dam.  Some spectacular scenery along the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges including Haasts Bluff and Mount Zeil. Robbie set up his drone to take some amazing high angle shots of the Gorge. 



Today we traversed the low-lying regions surrounding Ormiston Gorge, gradually winding  upwards through rolling limestone hills towards the back reaches of the Finke River—one of the world’s oldest river systems. As we trek, we are rewarded with spectacular views of Mount Sonder in the distance. 


A 1:30am wake up call as we head to Redbank Gorge at the base of Mount Sonder. A long and very challenging climb, but we were rewarded with spectacular views of the ranges, plains, valleys and salt lakes below all under a yellow sunrise. Lunch and a swim in the Ormiston Gorge was a great reward! 

Another early morning start to catch the sunrise along the Pound Walk. This was a very spiritual day as our guide, Immy, lead us to thank the land for having us and think over what challenges lay ahead for us.