Leading the way in Australian Parkinson’s research – a joint message from Shake It Up’s CEO and Founder

Ben Young & Clyde Campbell - Shake It Up Australia FoundationShake It Up is delighted to share with you that so far this financial year we have committed funds to five new research projects at three Australian institutes with a total value of over $1.6M (co-funded on a 50/50 basis with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF)).

This makes the Shake It Up / MJFF partnership the largest non-government funder of Parkinson’s research across multiple institutes in Australia.

As the country’s leader in strategic Parkinson’s research funding we are excited about the talent we have in our Australian institutes and the prospect that their work will take us closer to a cure.

Each week over the coming month we will be sharing details of these recently funded projects so that you may gain insights into how our brilliant Aussie researchers are contributing to a cure – and ultimately how your contributions are having an impact.

Obviously excitement alone does not fund these projects and we have set ourselves an ambitious target of raising an additional $1M by the end of 2016 to allow us to continue this vital work.

We are asking everyone in our community to help us get there. You can:

In whatever way you choose to contribute, you will be doing so with the knowledge that 100% of your contribution will go to strategic, internationally competitive, non-redundant research here in Australia.

As Australia’s leading Parkinson’s research funder, Shake It Up provides the greatest opportunity for your contribution to make a difference in the quest for a cure.
Whether you are an existing supporter finding a little bit more or contributing for the first time – thank you.

Together we can raise the $1M target and continue our critical work.


Ben Young    &    Clyde Campbell


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