Life in Scrubs support Shake It Up
Thursday, 10th March 2022

Our hero this week is Julia Riese, the director of Life in Scrubs, who is supporting Shake It Up this year through sales of her new product line of scrubs for health and beauty professionals.

Thank you to Life in Scrubs for choosing to support research towards a cure for Parkinson’s. We spoke with Julia to hear a bit more about their story.

What is ‘Life in Scrubs’ doing to support Parkinson’s Research?

When we founded Life in Scrubs, we wanted to create something unique for the people who work in scrubs. Scrubs that look and feel good but not only support our healthcare, vet, and beauty workers but also the ones around them.

Giving back to the community can be so easy but is often overlooked by businesses to boost profitability instead. To give back to the ones that support our society, we have made the charity donation part of the Life in Scrubs check-out process.

All Life in Scrubs customers don’t just choose the colour, style, and size of their scrubs. At the checkout, they also get to choose one out of three charities of the year that Life in Scrubs supports at that stage.

$3 of all scrubs set purchases or $1.50 of each top or pants that are sold on our website will get donated to the charity that the customer has chosen to donate to at the checkout.

What drives your commitment to a cure for Parkinson’s?

With our background in dental, we have witnessed how Parkinson’s can influence the life of our patients and their families.

As it is very hard to diagnose and can affect everyone, we love supporting a charity that is dedicated to boost research around Parkinson’s.

If Life in Scrubs can be part of finding a cure for Parkinson’s – even if it is only a small contribution compared to the millions donated – then we would love to do whatever we can to help.


How can others get involved in your work?

Our aim is it to supply as many likeminded healthcare, vet, and beauty businesses with scrubs. Spread the word, our website will launch at the end of March, and we will be taking pre-orders online for our first three scrubs collections.

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