Are you Looking for a Leadership Challenge?

The Greater Collective has partnered with Shake It Up to help us solve the challenge of increasing our profile in workplaces and leveraging corporate support. 

The Greater Collective is a one month-leadership course with a twist. The twist being that the course is centred around solving a real, board level challenge for a charity. This is a premium opportunity for any leader – whether you are just getting started or you already are one. In diverse teams, you tackle a real-world challenge over one intensive month of experiential leadership development combined with social impact. This course empowers you to become the type of leader that is:

  • Highly self-aware and emotionally intelligent
  • Mindful and centred
  • Purposeful and wants to make a positive social impact

The heart of the program is to build emotionally intelligent, intrapreneurial, change-makers who strive to solve problems inside and outside of the workplace for the better. If you are looking to take the next step in your career this course will assist you to:

  • Form significant connections across industries and sectors
  • Learn from expert and inspiring thought leaders
  • Have access to actionable research principles from leading organisations around the world
  • Maximise the skills needed for the future of leadership such as innovative problem-solving, influencing, navigating change, real-time feedback and coaching
  • Learn how to effectively engage your team and enhance their unique skills to propel your whole team forward
  • Create genuine social impact and shared value.

We are seeking advocates from the Shake It Up community who work in the corporate sector to take up to 10 of the available 20 places in this inspiring leadership workshop. To register your interest contact Vicki Miller – General Manager Strategic Partnerships