Maintaining momentum in the quest for a cure

Clyde Campbell and Ben Young with Todd Sherer and Australian researchers

Clyde Campbell and Ben Young with MJFF CEO Todd Sherer and Australian researchers

It is true that Shake It Up has had a very significant period of Parkinson’s research funding announcements over the last couple of months.

Whilst we are thrilled to share news of these projects with you, our supporters, we also know that our journey requires us to maintain momentum if we are to achieve our ultimate goal.

Each project will move us closer however it will also uncover more questions and more opportunities. We want to be ready to help answer these questions and capitalise on the opportunities as new projects are presented to us.

This is why we have set ourselves an ambitious goal to raise an additional $1M by the end of 2016.

Given the Shake It Up / Michael J. Fox Foundation Partnership has committed to over $1.6M worth of Australian Parkinson’s research projects so far this year these additional funds are vital to put us in a position to move forward on new projects without delay.

We understand and respect that everyone’ capacity to contribute is different and so we merely ask all supporters to join us in whatever way they can. Everything we have achieved to date has been through the collective effort of our supporters. So, as we approach the end of the financial year, please consider helping us to maintain the momentum.

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