Maryanne joins the team for El Camino 2018

Maryanne Tigges will be trekking the hills and valley’s of Spain’s El Camino in September 2018 as a participant in our Camino for a Cure adventure. Maryanne shares her story and why she decided to join the tour.

What Drives Your Commitment to find a cure for Parkinson’s?

I know a few people who have the disease.  One of them is at an advanced stage and I know it’s very difficult for him.  Another person I’m associated with had a lot of difficulty coming to terms with her diagnosis and suffers depression as a result.   I myself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in September 2014 but I really believe that a cure will be found or at least better treatments will become available through continued research.

Why El Camino and Shake It Up Australia?

The El Camino challenge appealed to me for a few reasons. I think it’s a positive way for me to build and maintain my fitness, I love multi-day walking and travel, and at the same time I get to raise money for research that can benefit a lot of people.  Shake it Up appealed to me because all money raised goes into research and because of the association with the Michael J Fox Foundation.  I love the positive approach of both organisations.

Tell us what you are doing to Shake Things Up with your fundraising?

I have a team of four fantastic and enthusiastic woman working with me to raise funds within our organisation as well as friends and family who are contributing and assisting me.  So far we’ve had a chocolate cookie bake off, we’re selling lots of chocolates, lollies and cakes.  We’ll be raffling a ginger bread house made by my husband who’s a pastry cook prior to Christmas as well as selling homemade Christmas shortbread.  In the New Year we have a curry night planned and I’m intending to do the Great Ocean Walk at Easter (around 100 km), and seeking sponsorship for that. I’m trying to get corporate sponsorship from our organisation for the walk and the fundraising in general.  We meet regularly and will be planning lots more events in the New Year!

What is your greatest reward from this experience?

The greatest reward so far has been the support I’m receiving from friends and family.  I feel very grateful and blown away by their enthusiasm, generosity and willingness to help me with my quest.

What is your best advice for people looking to Shake It Up?

Have a go, the rewards far outweigh the effort required and it’s a great cause.

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