Michael J. Fox brings Parkinson’s to Prime Time

The Shake It Up team are thrilled that Michael J. Fox has made his long-awaited return to television. Our friend and gifted actor stars in the Michael J. Fox Show which premiered in the US last week to an audience of over 7.2 million.

THE MICHALE J. FOX SHOW -- Pictured: "The Michael J. Fox Show" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)

The show is a comedy based around “Mike Henry” (played by Michael), a news anchor who happens to have Parkinson’s disease. The first episode was funny and smart. It is refreshing to see a prime time show about a father and his family who lead a full life despite living with the challenges presented by Parkinson’s; just like many families in Australia and around the world.

This is Michael’s first regular role since leaving sitcom Spin City in 1998 and establishing the remarkable Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Here at Shake It Up we have been inspired by Michael’s work and are proud of the partnership we have with the Michael J. Fox Foundation. We can only hope this show reaches our shores at some point soon!

CEO of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Todd Sherer, stated, “Michael is taking Parkinson’s to ‘Prime Time’ and the show puts Parkinson’s into the national conversation.” Parkinson’s patients all over the globe are faced with many and varied challenges and the show provides an opportunity for the public to better understand those challenges. It is also great time to take stock and remember just how much work remains to be done in the area of neurodegeneration research.

We hope the community is inspired by Michael and we encourage our supporters to get involved by raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research – everyone can make a difference. Shake It Up supporters have been running events all over the country this year.  We have seen that raising money is about being creative and having fun, if you have the passion, we can support you and help you on your way!

If you, like us, are inspired by Michael  get involved today and together let’s help find the cure for Parkinson’s. Visit shakeitup.org.au to learn more!


Ben Young

Shake It Up Australia Foundation