MJFF Launches Access to LRRK2 Resources to Accelerate Discovery

Iwona Strycharska-OrzyMJFF Launches Access to LRRK2 Resources to Accelerate DiscoveryIn an effort to advance research and collaborate toward a cure, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) is pioneering an innovative approach to accelerate drug development around the LRRK2 gene. Since 2009, MJFF has brought together international sites collecting clinical data and biological information from individuals with LRRK2 mutations and their family members, forming the LRRK2 Cohort Consortium. This consortium utilised standardised protocols and collection methods, where possible, in an effort to accelerate LRRK2 research toward practical therapeutic relevance for patients.

Now MJFF has announced it will accept requests for access to clinical data and biospecimens collected through the LRRK2 Cohort Consortium and other participating studies.

Access to clinical data and biospecimens, such as blood and tissue, collected by other researchers will add to an investigator’s toolbox of resources which they can use to form and test hypotheses. This formative research contributes to new diagnostics and interventions that may result in improved quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s disease.

Qualified researchers can request data and/or biospecimens from eight studies, including the LRRK2 Cohort Consortium and the MJFF-led Parkinson’s Progression Marker’s Initiative. The participating studies will offer data and/or biospecimens from more than 5,250 research volunteers from around the world. Investigators may also request funding to analyse the information and materials available.

More information on the available resources and instructions for requesting access can be found on our Access Data and Biospecimens webpage.