National Parkinson’s Study Using Wearable Technology

Study sites are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Tamworth*

When you see your doctor, they usually ask how you have been. Sometimes it may be hard to remember or describe your symptoms and this is where a monitoring device may help you.

The PKG Watch® is a wrist worn device that records your Parkinson’s symptoms and reminds you when to take your Parkinson’s disease medication as prescribed by your doctor. This recording is done at home over 7 days while you go about your day-to-day activities. The information collected by the PKG®-Watch can tell your doctor more about your movement during the day including if you are moving a bit slowly or having difficulty in performing movements. Shake It Up Australia Foundation is excited to be funding this project with Global Kinetics Corporation Ltd. alongside our partners at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) and Parkinson’s Victoria. Shake It Up Australia Foundation and The Michael J. Fox Foundation will collectively provide $250,000 to support the trial and Parkinson’s Victoria will provide $100,000 and support for the study Clyde Campbell, Founder and CEO of Shake It Up Australia Foundation, said, “Shake It Up Australia is excited to support the PKG® technology in this trial which brings an opportunity to use objective measurement and targets to help Australians with Parkinson’s by gaining a real-life picture of current symptoms and responses to medications. PKG® allows the Parkinson’s patient, their Neurologist & researchers access to vital information that can make a big difference to how we deal with Parkinson’s moving forward.”

Hear from Professor Malcolm Horne about the technology

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To participate you will need to:

  • Have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
  • Be aged 59-75 years
  • Not received DBS, DuoDopa or Apomorphine therapy
  • People who are on 3 or few Levodopa doses per day provided they have had PD for 4 or more years or
  • Be taking 4 or more doses of levodopa medication (Kinson, Madopar or Stalevo) each day or have been diagnosed for 4 years or more.
  • Be able to travel to a study clinic
NOTE:  There may be some flexibility in the criteria.   We encourage you to register and discuss your circumstances with the trial coordinator who can assess your eligibility

Study Clinics  

  • St Vincent’s Melbourne
  • Westmead Sydney
  • Royal Adelaide 
  • Royal Hobart
  • Princes Alexandra Brisbane 
  • Beach Brain Sunshine Coast*
  • Canterbury Neurology Surrey Hills
  • Geelong Victoria*
  • Tamworth*^ 


*Are new locations for 2019

^Site is still being finalised – dependant on interest

What is involved?

You will be required to attend a participating clinic on at least three occasions and as many as seven times.  Participating clinics will be available Australia wide.

You will undergo examinations and tests similar to when you visit your neurologist.  Before each visit, you will also be asked to wear a PKG watch for a week.

Based on the various tests, doctors may change your medication to improve the control of your Parkinson’s.  

For further information

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Phone: +61 439 207 518

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