Our Ambassador, Phoebes Garland, shares her story
Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

Thanks to the support of Veritas Events, we are so pleased to present to you a new series of videos about Parkinson’s stories. The first in this series is from our incredible ambassador, Phoebes Garland.

Phoebes has been on the Parkinson’s journey with her husband Robert, since his diagnosis in 2014. She has seen him struggle with some of the symptoms and medications, some of which have not been very effective. Phoebes and her husband Robert both work in the fashion industry, with their business, Garland & Garland Fashion. Phoebes has become a passionate supporter of Shake It Up, with a strong desire to remove the stigma associated with Parkinson’s and is proud to be an ambassador on behalf of the Australian fashion industry.


“My husband Robert Garland, who has worked for over 45 years in the Australian fashion industry, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2014. It has been an incredibly emotional journey for me not knowing where this disease will lead him in the years to come. It is important to both of us this disease does not progress in any way.

There is nothing fashionable about Parkinson’s disease and we don’t intend to give in to this in any way, shape or form. We need to find a cure for this disease.”


Good communication is all about sharing real stories that people can relate to. A big thank you to our fabulous Ambassador Phoebes Garland for telling it like it is. Here, she shares her story about her husband’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s and their journey so far. Raw, honest, and sometimes humorous, Phoebes is a passionate storyteller and advocate for Parkinson’s awareness.