Our CEO in Training for his First Marathon
Tuesday, 21st July 2015

On August 30, Shake It Up CEO, Ben Young, will be taking on his first marathon to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s research. Ben and a group of friends have been training for the last six weeks and this week they have decided to ‘go public’ – so there is no turning back.

Inspired by the many Shake It Up supporters around the country Ben said, “While I have never run more than about 18KM at one time a marathon has always been something that I wanted to tackle. I know that some people in our community would love to do the same but unfortunately, their Parkinson’s prevents it, so in some way I would like to think that I’m representing those people.’

Ben and his friends have set up a fundraising page and they hope to raise over $10K for Shake It Up. ‘Hopefully, we can raise some awareness along the way and we can motivate our families, workmates and friends to contribute as well,’ said Ben.

If you’re inspired by Ben’s challenge and would like to join an event in your area visit our athletic event page.