Can you Help us Solve the Parkinson’s Puzzle?

It is estimated that over 120,000 Australians will be living with Parkinson’s by 2034 and there are currently no treatments available to prevent, slow, halt or reverse the condition. Treatments currently available assist in controlling symptoms but often have very significant side effects and over time become much less effective.Parkison's Puzzle

We believe that international collaboration presents the best possible opportunity to change the way we treat Parkinson’s. Shake It Up together with the Garvan Institute and a national network of neurologists have been collaborating internationally with The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (UK) and The Michael J. Fox Foundation on a Linked Clinical Trials program designed to fast track potential treatments for Parkinson’s.

The focus of the program is using drugs that have already been approved to treat other conditions and repurposing them to treat Parkinson’s. The program will prioritise drugs in the trial that have the greatest potential to slow, stop or reverse the disease. The benefit of repurposing drugs is that they have already passed phase three clinician trials and are readily available to patients now. The committee will identify the most promising drugs for inclusion and these will be used on people with Parkinson’s to establish their effectiveness.

All partners in the program have committed significant funding to drive this initiative but we need government, corporate and philanthropic support to bring it to fruition. We invite you to join us in this very important initiative.

For further information on the Linked Clinical Trials program please contact Vicki Miller, General Manager Strategic Partnerships. Please help us make a difference now.