Parkinson’s Research Year in Review and Look Ahead

Michael J. Fox Foundation Monthly Webinar

Parkinson’s research continues to advance at a rapid pace. Led by moderator Soania Mathur, MD, co-chair of The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Patient Council, panelists Andrew Siderowf, MD, director, Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center and Todd Sherer, PhD, MJFF CEO unpack milestones from 2018 and explain how this momentum shapes the research landscape as we enter 2019. Highlights from the hour include:

  • What symptomatic therapies are in late-stage clinical testing or with the FDA for review,
  • How genetics have deepened our understanding of Parkinson’s pathology and the clinical trials underway aimed at genetic targets,
  • The breadth of PPMI and its impact on finding a Parkinson’s biomarker,
  • What’s in store in 2019 and the ways to better diagnose and prevent Parkinson’s disease.

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