Pause 4 Parkinson’s – why you should get involved

Pause 4 Parkinson’s is just around the corner! People from all over Australia are organising their fundraising event – in their home with friends and family, out and about, or in their work place with colleagues! Whilst some events are happening on World Parkinson’s Day (11 April 2016), you can host your fundraising activity anytime throughout April! Its not too late to register and get involved!


Here are some of our current supporters sharing what how they will Pause 4 Parkinson’s!


kathleen-P4P325x175P4P host: Kathleen

P4P event name: Pedal 4 Parkinson’s

“I am so excited by the amazing support of my event so fair – I set my target and just had to raise it straight away! I just want to find a cure for my dad.”



Katrina is organising Dance for Parkinson'sP4P host: Katrina

P4P event name: Dance 4 Parkinson’s

“Dance takes you away from your everyday, it makes you feel good, special, as if anything is possible. You leave your problems behind when you dance. So when I began to teach dance to people with Parkinson’s I saw some significant changes take place. Seeing people enjoy their movement and the music, leaving the class with more energy than when they arrived, looking lighter and happier.”

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disco_ballP4P host: Sheenagh

P4P event name: Back to the 80’s 4 Parkinson’s

“With Parkinson’s we need to keep moving, so by “shaking “it down and dancing back to the 80’s I’m going to raise money for research”.


Bev-and-Kelly-BlogP4P host: Bev and Kelly

P4P event name: Bright Sparks Wine and Cocktail evening

“Don’t be afraid – just organise an event, start a conversation and see where it takes you! By being involved I feel less of a victim and more in charge of my life”.

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