Paws 4 Parkinson’s Shake Challenge

Thank you to all who participated in the Shake Challenge this October!

For World Animal Day on 4 October, we are celebrating all our pets do for us with the ‘Shake Challenge’.

Pets play a huge role in maintaining positive mental health, especially as we are currently spending more time at home due to COVID-19. Our pets help keep us active and healthy through regular walks or playtime and plenty of laughs at their adorable antics.

Thank you to all who participated and shared their pet with us! Head over to our Instagram to see everyone’s animal friends.  

How to Participate

  1. While the Paws 4 Parkinson’s Shake Challenge is now over, you can still share your pet with us any time of the year.
  2. Take a photo or video of your pet using the ‘shake’ theme. Check out our ideas here.
  3. Post your photo or video to Instagram, tag us @shakeitupaust and use the hashtag #paws4parkinsons. Don’t have Instagram? You can still participate – register and we will be in touch with details or check out our FAQ section below for more information.


You could also fundraise for Paws 4 Parkinson’s by challenging yourself or your furry friend and asking for donations. For example, you could challenge yourself to walk 10km per week with your dog or to train your cat to meow on command for a treat! To fundraise, set up a fundraising page today. Get in touch if you need more ideas or have questions about fundraising.


Our 2021 Pet Ambassador, Lola, and her human Taylor, have plenty of ideas for anyone looking to participate.


Need more ideas? Check out the Learn from Lola series.

Learn from Lola

Paws 4 Parkinson’s FAQS

From 4 – 10 October, take part in the Paws 4 Parkinson’s Shake Challenge by sharing a photo or video of your pet involving the ‘shake’ theme. We’re looking for times when your pet has made you ‘shake’ with laughter, or you and your pet ‘shaking’ up your routine. Perhaps your pet even knows a ‘shake’ trick!
Register using the form above.
From cats to iguanas, dogs to frogs and parakeets to guinea pigs, all pets are welcome to be involved!
If you don’t have a pet, you can still follow along with Paws 4 Parkinson’s on our Shake It Up Instagram and social media accounts.
If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can still participate by sending your entry via email. Register yourself and we’ll be in contact for your submission. Register using the form above.
If your Instagram account is private, you must make sure you register, as we won’t be able to see your post. Even if you tag us @shakeitupaust, due to Instagram’s settings for private accounts, we won’t be able to see your post. Register using the form above.
If your post hasn’t been acknowledged by Shake It Up, please get in contact:
Yes! We’d love to have you fundraise. First, please register for the Paws 4 Parkinson’s Shake Challenge and then set up a fundraising page here. Register using the form above. Set up a fundraising page here:

Clyde and Zeb

“Exercise is crucial to managing my Parkinson’s symptoms and my dog Zeb is always ready, willing and excited to join me. Every morning Zeb and I head out early for a run, walk or even a trip out on the paddleboard. He’s a great training partner and keeps me company every day.”

Keep an eye on our social media channels to see more of the Shake It Up team’s pets and great stories from our supporters.

Let’s all keep our spirits high by sharing the joy our pets bring to all of us!

Watch Clyde and Zeb in Action

Kates Lifesavers - Jellypants and Harry

Jelly and Harry are lifesavers. They are non-judgemental company and comfort. Pets are there when times are great, and when they’re absolutely rubbish. They lend a paw, and a purr, when I am struggling with spasms and the worst that Parkinson’s throws at me. Last year I was in lockdown (sound familiar?) for over seven months, as my immune system was severely compromised due to an extreme flareup of Rheumatoid Arthritis. There by my side, every day, were Jellypants and Harry. They were aware I was in pain, and Harry in particular was very careful not to jump on me.

Read Kate’s Full Story

Kate, Jellypants and Harry

Lincoln and Lulu

Little bit of water time for our Ambassador Lincoln Dews with Lulu the SUP dog today ???? ????

#paws4parkinsons is a great reminder of how powerful exercise is for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. And while we might not be able to bring a mate, It’s the perfect opportunity to bring the pup!???? ????

Share your pet and spread love and positivity in the community. #paws4parkinsons

Lincoln Dews and Lulu #Paws4Parkinsons


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