Podcast: Is Parkinson’s Inherited?
Tuesday, 29th September 2020

In 1997, scientists reported some of the first gene mutations in several Italian and Greek families with Parkinson’s disease, which shifted efforts among researchers to uncover more of these genetics changes that could explain the disease.

In this audio from our partners at The Michael J. Fox Foundation Third Thursdays Webinar, hear from Brian Fiske, PhD, senior vice president of research programs at the Foundation. Brian will discuss gene mutations in Parkinson’s disease and genetic targets leading to new therapies with geneticist Ignacio Mata, PhD, from the Cleveland Clinic.

Other panellists include MJFF Board Member Ofer Nemirovsky and Foundation Research Ambassador Reni Winter-Evans — who both live with Parkinson’s disease and carry a mutation linked to Parkinson’s — share their own experiences learning their genetic status and participating in Parkinson’s studies.