Remarkable result for Shake It Up Foundation fundraiser

Shake It Up Australia Matilda Bay FundraiserLast Friday the Beef and Beach restaurant Lennox Head hosted a beer and food matching lunch to raise funds for the Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

The restaurant seated 115 people and provided 5 courses with matching beers from Matilda Bay.

‘The objective of the event was to give the audience ground level awareness of Parkinson’s disease.’ said Greg Campbell, Director – Shake It Up Foundation.  Thanks to our supporters at Matilda Bay, The Lennox Hotel and Beef and Beach restaurant the entire ticket price was donated to the foundation.’ Greg added.

A massive $17,100.00 was raised from the lunch ticket sales.

Elton Flatley & Clyde Campbell at the Shake It Up Australia Foundation Fundraiser Lennox HeadGuests also enjoyed an inspirational talk from Elton Flatley on overcoming obstacles.

If you would like to help us “Shake things up” for Parkinson’s Research in 2013 get involved in one of our Team Fox Australia events or host your own event.

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