Sharon Runs the 2018 Perth City to Surf Marathon for Parkinson’s

City2Surf Perth has just wrapped up for another year and we’re so proud of all our participants. We chatted with Sharon who was running for Shake It Up Foundation for the second time and raised over $1,000 towards a cure.  

Sharons runs for her Dad

What Drives Your Commitment to find a cure for Parkinson’s?

My father was diagnosed with the disease 5 years ago.  When you have a loved one who suffers on a daily basis and there is nothing you can physically do to help them, then you do what you can to make a change to find the fix.  If the cure can’t be found in his lifetime then why not help those in the future. 

Why Shake It Up Australia?

I found Shake It Up Australia trying to do some research to get a better understanding of the disease.  In conjunction with the Michael J Fox Foundation, I know Shake it Up Australia is committed in its research to find a cure for this hideous disease.  

Tell us what you are doing/did to Shake Things Up?

Two years ago, I challenged myself first half marathon and this year I recently completed my first marathon in the Perth City to Surf, raising over $1000 for each run.  If my father lives in pain on a daily basis, then I think dedicating my time and pushing my body through pain limits in order to raise funds was a pretty easy challenge in the big scheme of things. 

Greatest Reward

Knowing that although I cannot help by taking away the disease, I can help by raising funds for research and bring awareness about the disease as well as Shake It Up Australia. 

Best advice for people looking to Shake It Up?

Don’t stop in your quest to help. Mostly, educate others about the disease. Most people think Parkinson’s Disease is a disease that affects “old people with the shakes”.  As I am now all too aware, it’s so much more than that and if people understood how terrible this disease can be and how many people are diagnosed, particularly young people, then perhaps more people may just go out there on a quest too.  

There are still plenty of athletic events happening around the country that you can join.  There are also lots of other ways you can help, just head over to our getting involved page and let’s Shake It Up for a cure.