Our Shake It Up Heroes run for Parkinson’s

With the athletic season in full swing we thought we would throwback to some of our amazing supporters who have participated in an events over the years.   Each has a personal story of what inspired them to get involved.

Simply register in an event, start your fundraising page, and ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you.    Together we can all make a difference.


Karin runs in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

The response from Karin’s courageous approach to going public with her diagnosis not only motivated her family and friends to get behind her in fundraising, but she managed to form a group of twelve walkers to fly the flag for Shake It Up on the big day.

Karin believes that the best way to approach Parkinson’s is to stay positive and take a proactive approach towards raising funds and getting involved:

‘When you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease it is easy to dwell on the doom and gloom of the future.  Parkinson’s is not a glamorous disease but I think it is important to get it out of the shadows and into the public eye to attract more attention and funding.’


Jodi took on a Marathon in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

Only 1% of the population has ever run a marathon, and for her latest fundraising venture Jodi decided to do just that at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. Her passion to run was sparked by her her Grandfather who was diagnosed in his 50s and he lived with it for nearly 20 years.

Her advice is do something that you have a passion for or something challenging that you wouldn’t normally do – there is a lot of self satisfaction in the achievement and it is easier then to convince people to support you.


Three Mates take on the SMH Half Marathon


Three friends Alec, Sam & Gus had never considered themselves half marathon runners but having been closely affected by a family member with Parkinson’s they stepped out of their comfort zone, ran the Sydney Half Marathon and raised over $2000 for research.

Their advice: Just give it a crack, you’ll be seriously surprised how many supportive people that are around you. We got donations from people we hadn’t spoken to in years. But most of all, have fun with it, raising money doesn’t have to be a chore.



A Family takes on a Triathlon to honour their Mum

For this family the biggest reward is the sense of fulfilment which comes from seeing through a promise they made to their Mum who lived with Parkinson’s.  I know Mum would love what we are doing and would feel proud of us for continuing to fight this disease in her name.

We have really enjoyed the banter and the fun that has become a staple of this fundraiser. I am so proud of my family and friends for supporting us so readily.



Johanna took on Run Melbourne for her Nan

Johanna’s Nan who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s before she was born. The disease slowly progressed and she passed away in 2001.

I took a lot from the run. Raising much needed funds for Shake It Up through the support of my family, friends and even strangers was a great reward for the foundation. Personally, crossing the finish line and knowing I had achieved something I thought was impossible was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Moreover, knowing I had pushed myself physically in memory of my Nan was an amazing feeling.


Team Quinn  have made the City Bay Fun Run in Adelaide and annual event

Team Quinn is inspired by Terry Quinn, a husband, father and grandfather who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 55 years of age. The group participated in their first event in 2013 as a team of six with the goal this year to double that amount. They managed to go even further and have over 30 runners participating! The group keeps getting bigger each year




There are so many athletic events being held right around the country.    Register for one in your state and lets “Shake It Up” for Parkinson’s