Shake It Up Founder Clyde Campbell Announced as 2019 Australia Day Ambassador

Shake It Up Founder Clyde Campbell has once again been announced as an Australia Day Ambassador.

Clyde will be making his Australia Day address and presenting the community awards at Ku-ring-gai Council . 

Each year, the Australia Day Ambassador Program sees more than 150 inspirational Australians speaking about what it truly means to be Australian at events across NSW.

Drawn from diverse fields such as the arts, sport, science, business, government and entertainment, they can be of any age but they all share the common traits of achievement through hard work, talent and a strong sense of patriotism.

The theme for the 2019 ‘Australia Day – Everyone, every story’.

We are a nation of stories. Each is unique as they’re formed from our diverse backgrounds and experiences. We base them on the learning from our ancestors – here for 60,000 years or only just arrived. We build them on teachings of wise women in our homes and dad’s tall stories at the dinner table.

On Australia Day we come together to share our stories. Passed through our community, down to our children and often shouted a little too loudly in our pubs. Whether they’re weeping, wonderful, a corker or clanger, on Australia Day, all our stories count and are counted. Because no matter where we come from, we are all here together. We are the owners of our own story but we weave them together to shape our great home, Australia.

There are thousands of ways to mark Australia Day in your own way – by attending the fantastic events around Sydney Harbour and across our cities and towns, in your own backyard.

You can find out what is happening in your local area on Australia Day.