Liz Runs the City2Surf for Parkinson’s
Monday, 19th September 2016

Our Shake It Up Hero this week is Liz who, together with her husband Bradden, is raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s research and getting fitter at the same time!

What Drives Your Commitment to find a cure for Parkinson’s?

My Dad, Mike, was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago and the disease has hit him hard. It has significantly affected his quality of life and turned the retirement plans he and my Mum, Lin, had upside down. They do the best they can, but there isn’t an aspect of their lives that it hasn’t altered dramatically. They keep pushing forward though, being the best parents and grandparents that they can be. My two year old son, Logan, lights up when he sees his “Bam-pa” on Skype (they live in England) and I can only hope that they can really get to know each other in the years to come, no matter what barriers Parkinson’s may put in their way.

Why Shake It Up Australia?

With my family being in the UK, they have completed fundraising of Parkinson’s UK, so I felt it was high time our family fundraised for Shake It Up Australia! As well as that, a close family friend who has also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s thinks the name is brilliant, so has had a giggle every time he’s seen me post about it!

Tell us what you are doing to Shake Things Up?

To start with, my husband Bradden and I completed the 12km City2Surf. This is only the start; we’ve set ourselves the challenge of beating our efforts at next year’s event, by completing other events in-between, to raise our fitness levels and get into our stride! Hopefully, we’ll be able to get ourselves some Shake It Up t-shirts to further promote the cause… ????

Greatest Reward?

There’s not an awful lot we can do to help, in terms of the research itself, so the very least we can do is help with fundraising. It’s great knowing our friends and family are on board, creating a community of awareness and support.

Best advice for people looking to Shake It Up?

Get up and get into it! Raise community awareness and understanding and let’s keep hoping breakthroughs are made.

Are you interested in becoming a Shake It Up Hero through your own fundraising initiative? Find out how you can get involved and help us shake things up for a cure!