Shake It UpDate – May 2016

In this edition: Moving closer to a cure for Parkinson’s

Every donation allows us to continue to fund the journey to find better treatments and ultimately a cure. The journey started by Michael, the journey continued by Clyde, the journey co-funded by each of you – those living with Parkinson’s and those with loved ones affected by Parkinson’s.

Shake It UpDate

This financial year Shake It Up has shared news of five new research projects culminating in a recent announcement of a project we are funding at La Trobe University which seeks to develop a blood test for Parkinson’s.

The total value of these projects is over $1.6 million (co-funded on a 50/50 basis with The Michael J. Fox Foundation) making this partnership the largest non-government funder of Parkinson’s research in the country.

Whilst these announcements are significant and every project we fund will take us closer a cure for Parkinson’s, we are not there yet and we must maintain the momentum.

We must raise additional funds to ensure we have the resources available for the next wave of Parkinson’s research projects.

With June 30 fast approaching there is no better time to help us continue this journey. Your donation (over $2) is tax deductible which means that not only will 100% of your donation go to funding Australian Parkinson’s research (our Founders cover the foundation’s overheads), but you can also add it to your tax return in just a few weeks.

Our ambitious target is to raise an additional $1M by the end of the year.


Ben, Clyde and the Shake It Up Team.


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