Study to Understand Exercise Preferences in Parkinson’s disease

The University of Sydney invites you to take part in a research study about the exercise preferences of people with Parkinson’s disease.


There is increasing evidence supporting the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Exercise improves motor symptoms, balance, mobility and quality of life, and prevents falls, in people with PD. Despite this evidence, people with PD are less active than the general older population and their physical activity levels progressively decline. A core principle of patient-centred healthcare is to not only offer interventions that are effective, but that also have a high likelihood of being adopted by people with PD. However, there is no research available identifying the features of exercise programs that would enhance adoption of evidence-based exercise programs by people with PD.

As such a team of researchers at the University of Sydney are currently conducting a survey to investigate the exercise preferences of people with PD. Specifically they are investigating what features of exercise programs are likely to influence choice, and therefore, adherence and uptake. These features include: type and frequency of exercise, location, travel time, amount and expertise of supervision, expected benefits and cost. The experiment is administered as an anonymous survey. Participants are asked to make a series of choices between alternative exercise programs.

The survey can be completed at home, online or as a paper-based survey for individuals who do not have access to the internet or who are not comfortable completing the online version. The aim is to administer the survey to 225 people with PD, regardless of disease severity. The results of this study will help inform decisions about how to best deliver evidence-based exercise programs that account for preferences of people with PD and thus maximise uptake and adherence.

We are looking for people with PD who would be willing to complete the survey, the link to the survey is found at: For more information or to complete the paper version of the survey please contact Ms Julie Bampton at or Professor Colleen Canning at


Please view the Participation Information Statement for full details on the study

About Professor Colleen Canning

Professor Colleen Canning is Head, Discipline of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney. She leads the Parkinson’s disease research team in the Faculty and collaborates nationally and internationally with researchers and clinicians in developing and testing innovative methods of reducing disability and falls in people with Parkinson’s disease. She regularly presents at international and national conferences including invited plenary addresses as well as continuing education sessions nationally and internationally. Prof Canning has a leading role in curriculum development, with extensive experience in Neurological Physiotherapy, in particular, neurodegenerative conditions. She is the recipient of three prestigious learning and teaching awards associated with her leading role in developing a cutting-edge, evidence-based eLearning resource (Physiotherapy eSkills).


This study was funded through a research grant from Parkinson’s NSW