Pounding the Pavement for Parkinson’s in the Sydney City2Surf

Feet will be pounding the pavement in Sydney this weekend as City2Surf kicks off for another year! This iconic run is one of hundreds of participation events organised across the country to benefit charities like Shake It Up Foundation. 

Fun runs and athletic events are an excellent way to raise funds for Shake It Up and challenge yourself in the process. Your friends, family and colleagues will get behind the things you are passionate about. What’s more, you’ll be increasing awareness about Parkinson’s in your community – a disease which people often think is ‘just the shakes’. 

Check out 2 stories of our wonderful City2Surf runners below and what has inspired them to fundraise for Shake It Up. We wish them all the best this weekend as they conquer heartbreak hill!

Michael was just 44 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and decided to go public with his Parkinson’s diagnosis by running for Parkinson’s.   We asked Michael what drives him to make a difference?  He said, “With a gorgeous wife and two beautiful girls, I need no other motivation”.

Not only is Michael running City2Surf in Sydney, but he is also running Bridge to Brisbane in Queensland. This is a big achievement for Michael who has never been a runner before but now runs over 10km a day in training!

I chose to support Shake it Up because it is a charity that means a lot to me. I am halfway through medical school at the moment and have met many patients who suffer from Parkinson’s and have seen the effects this condition has on their everyday life. Parkinson’s is considered by many to be all about movement, but there are so many other symptoms that are not talked about enough such as mood changes and dementia. I think ongoing research provides a lot of hope to those who have Parkinson’s, and as this condition affects so many people more research is always needed. By supporting Shake it Up I feel like I’m helping to raise awareness of Parkinson’s while bringing us one step closer to a cure. 

If you’d like to fundraise for Shake It Up through an athletic event, contact us to find out more!