The Perquisite of Parkinson’s


This week, we are sharing a ‘hero’ of a different kind. Our Shake It Up Hero is also a long time supporter of Shake It Up and a very talented photographer. We are delighted to share the latest work of Mary-Louise Levick – a photographer who has used her Parkinson’s symptoms to influence her photography with quite dramatic effects.

Her work is currently featured in an exhibition which opened in Brisbane this week and she has also launched a new book. A percentage of proceeds from both the sale of her exhibits and the book will be donated to Shake It Up.

The exhibition runs to 13 September and the details are as follows:

6 Maud St, Newstead, QLD 4006

Maud Gallery I and Gallery II are both exhibiting Mary’s work at the same time. Yet, they are vastly different collections.

Gallery I – ‘Faces and Masks’.

This exhibition shows Mary’s skill as an accomplished photographer. Her Parkinson’s disease is ‘masked’ by the use of tripod and remote shutter as she photographs ‘masks’ at the Venice Festival, often worn by common people.

Gallery II – ‘Perquisite of Parkinson’s’

Brave photographer puts’ Parkinson’s disease in the picture.

Here, Mary uses her Parkinson’s tremor to her advantage. Combination of light, long exposure and different camera settings produce stunning images. Be it abstract or geometric patterns, they take your breath away. This is not chance photography, as you would first think. Mary chooses her subjects and the locations. She considers the colours. And Mary is aware of the repetitions her tremor will create. Without a doubt, Mary is in control of her art photography.

For more on the opening and how the exhibition is progressing, check out the Handshake Photography Facebook page here>

If you would like to hold your own fundraising event for Parkinson’s, click here>