A Current Affair story

A study funded by Shake It Up Australia Foundation featured on A Current Affair tonight about the ground breaking Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) which is being conducted all over the world with the Australia arm of the study being funded by Shake It Up.  To view this story click on the image below.

PPMI is a landmark clinical study to better understand the progression of Parkinson’s disease (PD). The goal of PPMI is to identify and assess biomarkers, objective measures of Parkinson’s disease in people who have PD, people who do not have PD and groups of people who may be at risk to develop PD. Biomarkers are a critical and missing tool in the development of disease-modifying treatments. Reliable and consistent biomarkers for PD would allow scientists to predict, objectively diagnose, and monitor the disease, and to determine which medications work and which do not.

A simple way to think about a Parkinson’s biomarker is to compare it to say cholesterol for heart disease. The PPMI study seeks to uncover the cholesterol equivalent for PD.

There are currently 600 participants involved in the study in 24 sites across the globe. The Australian arm of the study is being conducted at Macquarie University by Professor Dominic Rowe. Shake It Up was instrumental in bringing the study to Australia and we remain the principle funder of the Australian site.

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