Walk or run for a Parkinson’s cure

City2Surf-Group-Photo-LowResSince shake It Up was founded a huge amount of our support has come from supporters choosing to participate in athletic events around the country and asking family and friends to sponsor them.

To this day, this revenue steam is critical for Shake It Up’s ongoing funding of world leading Australian Parkinson’s research.

Furthermore, our supporters have found that joining a walk, fun run, marathon or other athletic event provides a wonderful opportunity to improve their own fitness and physical wellbeing.

Others have used such events to build comradery amongst work groups or to unite friends and family for a cause.

Regardless of why or how people have become involved in these events one thing is for certain – everyone has found it to be a satisfying and rewarding experience.

It is important to note that there are events out there for everyone. This is not about needing to run a marathon (although there are some that do) but rather finding an event that suits you. It could be a walk, a bike ride, a fun run or any organised event within or outside Australia.

To get you thinking we have put together a list of some of the more well known events around the country here however if you have other ideas please contact us and let us know your plans.

It’s simple to get involved – just register for an event, create a fundraising page and ask your friends and family to support you.


Together we can find a cure for Parkinson’s – Check out some up coming events in your State here>