Amaysim Team challenge themselves for Parkinson’s
Friday, 28th August 2020

A big team of legends at Amaysim, led by Jimi, have started a challenge to run 30 mins per day for 30 days and raise money for Shake It Up. The Amaysim team have over 30 members all participating in the challenge, which is bringing them together during these challenging times and isolated workplace situations. And they’re already halfway on their fundraising goal! We chatted with Jimi about what inspired the challenge and how they’re going.

What inspires your commitment to a cure for Parkinson’s?

My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and passed away 6 years ago. It is a horrible disease which leaves the patient and their family helpless. While there is significant progress made in research and medicine to improves lives of the patient, we still can do much more in continuing the search for a cure.

Why did you choose Shake It Up for your fundraising?

Hannah Price’s video “Why do we run?” inspired me to action. Then I follow up with some searches into Parkinson’s organisations within Australia and Shake It Up Foundation/Michael J Fox Foundation resonated with me the most.

What are you doing to fundraise?

We are doing a running 30min every day for 30 days challenge to promote physical & mental health/wellbeing.

How is the challenge going so far for the team?

We have completed the first week of challenge and already the team feels a significant improvement in their physical & mental health and wellbeing. An overall happiness in participating in something that is greater than oneself and be part of a cause that will make a difference. A team comradery that bonds us all during this challenging time faced with Covid and isolation.

What advice do you have for others looking to fundraise, challenge themselves and make a difference?

The key is to action. Find something that you are passionate about then just do it. There are so much resources available online to help. I saw Hannah’s video on Sat and by Sunday night I emailed for details. Action, Action, Action.

You can support the Amaysim team by donating to their fundraiser or purchasing one of their Parkinson’s Research wristbands.

If you’d like to challenge yourself for Parkinson’s and make a difference towards better treatments, find out more or contact our Community Fundraising and Event Manager, Isobel –