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Our Hero Stephanie takes on the Noosa Triathlon

November 17,2017

Our hero this week is Stephanie who took on the Noosa Triathlon to raise funds for a cure.   Seeing the impact that Parkinson’s has on her Dad inspired Stephanie to get involved and raise awareness and funds to provide a better quality…

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Weight Loss with Parkinson's

Weight Loss with Parkinson’s

November 14,2017

Weight loss in Parkinson’s is common, but it’s usually mild or, at most, moderate. Changes can occur at any time with Parkinson’s disease (PD), but maybe more likely in later phases. It’s important to recognise and address weight loss because…

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Managing your ‘Off’ Time in Parkinson’s Disease

November 13,2017

Motor fluctuations are “off” times, when medication — namely levodopa (the “gold standard” treatment for Parkinson’s) — is not working optimally and Parkinson’s symptoms (motor and/or non-motor) return. “Off” periods are more common as the disease progresses and people take medication for…

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