The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research Finds Parkinson’s Biomarker
Tuesday, 18th April 2023

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) announced an enormous leap forward in the understanding of Parkinson’s disease with the discover of a Parkinson’s biomarker. Researchers have discovered a new tool that can reveal a key pathology of the disease: abnormal alpha-synuclein (known as the “Parkinson’s protein”) in brain and body cells.

The breakthrough opens a new chapter for research, with the promise of a future where every person living with Parkinson’s can expect improved care and treatments — and newly diagnosed individuals may never advance to full-blown symptoms.

The Parkinson’s biomarker breakthrough was achieved by an international coalition of scientists led by MJFF and its landmark clinical study, Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI), funded by Shake It Up in Australia.

Shake It Up CEO Vicki Miller says, “This is a significant breakthrough for Parkinson’s disease research and a milestone in the pursuit of a cure. It highlights why it is so crucial to fund ground-breaking research projects that are focused on creating real change for people living with Parkinson’s now and into the future.” 

What the Parkinson’s biomarker breakthrough means

The tool, called the α-synuclein seeding amplification assay (αSyn-SAA), can detect pathology in spinal fluid not only of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but also in individuals who have not yet been diagnosed or shown clinical symptoms of the disease, but are at a high risk of developing it.

The assay can confirm the presence of abnormal alpha-synuclein, detected in most people with PD, with astonishing accuracy: 93 percent of people with Parkinson’s who participated in the assay were proven to have abnormal alpha-synuclein.

To learn more about the Parkinson’s biomarker breakthrough, you can register to attend a webinar hosted by a panel of experts from MJFF.  Sign up here.

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There is more progress being made in Parkinson’s research than ever before. This new breakthrough demonstrates the power of funding ground-breaking research that aims to slow, stop and cure Parkinson’s disease.

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Shake It Up CEO Vicki Miller says the discover of a Parkinson's biomarker by @MichaelJFoxOrg is a milestone in the pursuit of a cure and demonstrates why it's crucial to fund ground-breaking Parkinson's research. Click To Tweet

In the Media

Shake It Up featured in The Australian to share the news about the biomarker breakthrough. Joanne Colquhoun and Christine Allison Jeyachandran shared their personal stories and what an early diagnosis would mean for those living with Parkinson’s, and our founder Clyde Campbell and Professor Dominic Rowe from Macquarie University discussed the discovery – the biggest breakthrough in Parkinson’s research since the 1960s.

Clyde Campbell, Founder of Shake It Up says everyone has the power to be on the cutting-edge of research