Getting Involved

At Shake It Up Australia Foundation we passionately believe that there is a way for everyone to make a difference and are certain the combined result of all of those contributions will ultimately lead to a cure. 

Let's Make 2018 the year for Parkinson's


Every one of the amazing people that contribute to the Foundation are given the title of, Shake It Up Hero because that is exactly what you are to us and all of those people effected by Parkinson’s.

What makes your contribution to Shake It Up so unique is that 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to medical research. This pledge is made possible by our founding directors’ commitment to fund all of the Foundation’s outgoings.

All donations to Shake It Up Australia are fully Tax deductible.

The buttons to the right of this page provide a detailed guide for the various ways you can contribute but here is a quick summary:

Make a donation

We guarantee that 100% of every financial contribution goes to medical research targeted at finding a cure. By making a once off or recurring donation of any amount you will be actively advancing research in Australia.

Fundraise for Parkinson’s

A great way to show your support and to join the fight to cure Parkinson’s is to create your own fundraising event for Shake It Up.

Host your own event

Shake It Up Australia encourages our supporters to think laterally and to use their own unique skills to develop a fundraising event in their community. The people who do this not only raise funds but also much needed awareness within the community.

Participate in an athletic event

By signing up to one of the many athletic events occurring around the country and setting up a fundraising page you not only take an important step in maintaining your own personal health but 100% of every dollar you raise will go to medical research.

In memoriam and bequests

Leaving a gift in your Will or making a personal contribution in memory of a loved one is an incredible way of supporting a cause near and dear to your heart.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are the final phase in the lengthy drug development process. They are a critical and required step to speed cures. But a persistent shortage of volunteers for clinical trials slows scientific progress. By signing up for clinical trials you are making a critical contribution to finding a cure.


Some of us aren’t quite physically blessed or genetically inclined to run a marathon, participate in a gruelling agility course, or climb a mountain to raise funds, but it doesn’t mean that we are any less important in the big picture.  Volunteers are critical to the success and survival of the Foundation.

Corporate partnerships

The Foundation could not fund a fraction of our research without the support of our corporate partners. We work closely with these partners to develop mutually rewarding relationships.

Other ways to donate

This section provides details regarding in kind donations, workplace giving, event partnerships, cheque and direct deposit donations.