The Shake It Up Show

The Shake It Up Show - A Parkinson's Podcast

The Shake It Up Show is a podcast about Parkinson’s disease, hosted by Shake It Up Australia ambassador Amy Ruffle. We’ll be talking to a range of people whose lives have been impacted by Parkinson’s disease and hear their stories.

This series is about the different experiences in the Parkinson’s community, discussing a range of things including the road to diagnosis, coping with change, different therapies and interventions, misconceptions and everything in between. We’ll be hearing from people living with Parkinson’s, people with Parkinson’s in their family or community, researchers working on Parkinson’s treatments, and more.

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Q&A with Amy Ruffle

Shake It Up ambassador Amy Ruffle is a woman of many talents. She’s an actor, producer, comedian, and now – host of the Shake It Up Show, a new podcast series launching this April for Parkinson’s Awareness Month. We had a chat with Amy to learn about the world of podcasting and share what you can expect from the Shake It Up Show.

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Amy Ruffle, host of The Shake It Up Show, a Parkinson's podcast

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