Ambassdor Spotlight: Amy Ruffle Hears From The Parkinson’s Community
Tuesday, 21st March 2023

Shake It Up ambassador Amy Ruffle is a woman of many talents. She’s an actor, producer, comedian, and now – host of the Shake It Up Show, a new podcast series launching this April for Parkinson’s Awareness Month. We had a chat with Amy to learn about the world of podcasting and share what you can expect from the Shake It Up Show.

Hi Amy! Can you tell us about why you became a Shake It Up ambassador?

I became a Shake It Up ambassador as my dad lives with Parkinson’s and I wanted to contribute in whatever way I could to the research efforts to find a cure. I have no business being in a science lab, but hopefully I can raise some awareness and funds to help support those doing the hard work!

In a nutshell, what’s the Shake It Up Show all about?

The Shake It Up Show is a podcast series I’m launching in April, alongside Shake It Up Australia, to support Parkinson’s Awareness Month. We’ll be talking to a range of people whose lives have been impacted by Parkinson’s disease and hear their stories.

Why did you think it was important to have a podcast focused on Parkinson’s disease?

I think the Shake It Up Show is a really important addition to the podcasts out there about Parkinson’s, as it focuses on human experiences, which can be so helpful for those going through their own Parkinson’s journey.

I really believe we connect and learn so much through personal stories and this show’s focus is about shining a spotlight on the incredible individuals in the Parkinson’s community.

What can people expect from the series? 

This series is about the different experiences in the Parkinson’s community, discussing a range of things including the road to diagnosis, coping with change, different therapies and interventions, misconceptions and everything in between. We’ll be hearing from people living with Parkinson’s, people with Parkinson’s in their family or community, researchers working on Parkinson’s treatments, and more. We’re also lucky enough to have founder of Shake It Up, Clyde Campbell, on as a guest!

What have you enjoyed most about the experience of making the podcast?

I feel so lucky to host this show. It is a privilege to have people share their story with me. It has been a moving experience, and as I am trying to be a positive support for someone with Parkinson’s, it has been enlightening. I hope it helps people listening by offering new information or things to try, like it has me.

What advice would you give someone who wants to make a difference for Parkinson’s?

My advice for anyone who wants to make a difference for Parkinson’s is to donate to Shake It Up! A cure is going to be found, but research is complex and it can’t be done without funding, so anything you can give is an incredible gift. On a day to day level, just be kind. Parkinson’s or not, every person has a story and their own challenges to overcome and the more we can lead with empathy, rather than judgment, the better the world becomes for everyone.

A cure is going to be found, but research is complex and it can’t be done without funding, so anything you can give is an incredible gift - @AmyRuffle1 Click To Tweet

How can people listen to the Shake It Up Show?

Listen and subscribe to the podcast on Spotify and Apple or catch up on the latest episodes here.

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You can find Amy on Instagram or Twitter.

The Shake It Up Show - a Parkinson's podcast for Parkinson's Awareness Month