A Gift in Memory

It’s often hard to know how to commemorate a family member, friend or colleague who has passed away. Donating to Parkinson’s research in their memory is a lasting way to celebrate their life. Through generous donations in memory, Shake It Up can continue funding Australian research in pursuit of a cure for Parkinson’s.

Whether you wish to create an online tribute page, organise donations in lieu of flowers at their memorial, or give a one off personal donation, each special gift in memory of your loved one is a hope for the future without Parkinson’s.

Donate in memory of a loved one

You can make a single or recurring gift in memory of your loved one at our donation page. Enter the details of the person you are making the donation in memory of, and request an acknowledgement to be sent to the family.

In Memory Donations

Create an online tribute page

Collect donations in memory of your loved one through an online donation page. You can also share photos, videos, and other memories with family and friends on this page. Donors can leave messages of support and will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Start an online tribute page or contact us and we can create the page for you: 1300 361 803 or email enquiries@shakeitup.org.au

Making a gift to Parkinson’s at memorial and celebration services

Ask friends and family to make a donation to Parkinson’s Research in lieu of flowers at the memorial of a loved one, by contacting us to receive our donation flyers. These flyers can be sent digitally for printing or please allow 5 working days for hard copy delivery.

Contact us on 1300 361 803 or via email at enquiries@shakeitup.org.au


Leaving a gift in your Will

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will, please visit our bequest page, call us on 1300 361 803 or email to enquiries@shakeitup.org.au

Leave a Bequest to Parkinson's Research