Utilising online platforms to host a virtual event or challenge isn’t as tricky as it might seem and is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family during these challenging times. Virtual events also open up a vast array of new opportunities for fundraising, so we have created the Shake It Up Virtual Challenge – challenge yourself for Parkinson’s!

We all know how important regular exercise is for people living with Parkinson’s. So, we challenge you to Get Physical with us to stay fit and positive. We’ve made it easy for anyone to participate, no matter your level of fitness, age or ability!

Choose your preferred activity, then create your own challenge. Set a fundraising goal and share your challenge with your network to inspire others. It’s that easy!

Start with an idea

The great thing about virtual and online events for fundraising is that almost any idea is possible if you have the means. The more creative the better!


Some of the great ideas we have seen recently include:

  • challenging yourself to doing 50 push-ups per day or
  • running 5km per week
  • walking the same distance as Everest Base Camp
  • heading to a regional location for a Aussie Outback walking challenge


Get started today by setting up your online fundraising page. 

If physical challenges are not for you, there are heaps of other fundraising options. Find out more to get fundraising. 

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The ideas are endless!

What new ideas do you have?

Start your Fundraising Page

Next, you’ll need to connect your awesome virtual event idea to your fundraising. There are lots of ways to connect your fundraising to a virtual event, but it will depend on the type of event you are hosting and what you think is best for your community.

If you are hosting a closed event with your family and friends, you might like to ask personally for donations, just as you would at a morning tea. If you are hosting online classes, you might like to set a donation amount for each class.

The best method to collect donations is to create an online fundraising page our dedicated fundraising platform. You can set up your online fundraising page by clicking “Get Going” on the home page, add your personal message and share it with your friends and family.

Starting a Virtual Event

Virtual events use an online platform to connect multiple people together through video so you can chat and see one another without being in the same place. All that you need is an internet connection, webcam (or computer/smart phone with a camera) and a microphone (or computer/smart phone with a microphone). 

To create a virtual event, one person will need to be the host of the event and send invitations to guests so they can participate. This is a closed connection so only individuals who were invited to the event can be involved.

Which platform is best for you will depend mostly on what online services your audience and the people you want to connect with are using.  Here’s a few platforms you can use to connect with multiple people so you can have fun hosting an event or doing your own personal challenge.

Facebook Video call

Add all of your Facebook friends who you have invited to the event into a group chat and let them know when the event will begin. Hit the video button in the top right corner of the group chat to start the video call.


The host will need to have a Zoom account but can invite anyone by sending a meeting link to their email address.


This is an app you can download to use with your phone for group video calls. You’ll need to download the app and have all your participants download the app as well, then connect as friends to be able to make a video call.

Of course, there are many others which you may already be using and comfortable with such as Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatpsApp etc.

Virtual Software

Get involved and have fun hosting a virtual event or doing your own personal challenge.

Virtual and online events are super fun and fantastic for connecting with family and friends while under the current social distancing restrictions. If you need help with setting up an online event, contact our Fundraising and Events Manager, Isobel for more information on