Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a simple and tax-effective way for employees to make regular donations and advance Parkinson’s Research. Your donation will be deducted from your pre–tax earnings, reducing your taxable income. You don’t need to collect receipts and your total donation amount will be included in your end of year payment summary. Thanks to our founding directors commitment to fund all administration costs, 100% of all donations will go towards innovative and ground-breaking Parkinson’s research.

Speak to your employer about arranging workplace giving or contact us for more information.

Workplace Fundraising

Fundraising in the workplace is a great way to promote workplace altruism and wellbeing while spreading the word about your charitable passions. Many employees choose to fundraise in the workplace community – it’s as easy as planning and hosting a workplace morning tea, breakfast or even a workplace challenge like a half marathon. Learn more about fundraising and be inspired by our ideas.

Matched Donations

Some companies match their employee donations which is a great way of giving back and supporting the causes your team are passionate about. If you are fundraising in the workplace, speak to your employer about whether they could match your fundraising and donations to double the reach of funds raised. If you need help speaking to your employer about this, contact us for a template letter.



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