Corene walks 10,000 steps per day for her partner, Nath
Thursday, 3rd February 2022

Congratulations to our hero this week, Corene, who challenged herself to walk 10,000 steps every day for the month of January for her partner Nath who has Parkinson’s. She recently completed her challenge and raised $2,260 for Parkinson’s research to bring us closer to a cure.

What drives your commitment to a cure for Parkinson’s?

I think I can speak for everyone whose life is somehow impacted by the disease, my drive is to create hope for a positive future and quality of life for the one affected.

Personally speaking, it’s to see my partner happy, to eliminate his daily struggles, to be confident in himself, to enjoy being a dad to his full potential and by doing things he loves to do – to just have the chance for this diagnosis not to dictate his life.

What did you do to shake things up and fundraise?

I walked 10,000 steps everyday for the month of January, on top of that I challenged myself further by increasing my weekly total from the last – I made it my mission and I smashed it!

Any advice for others looking to make a difference?

Just jump in and do it – do something! Any help is appreciated! I’ve never done anything like this before, and I know it won’t be the last.

Do it with all your passion, put in all your energy, dedicate your time, talk about it, and most of all be enthusiastic.. people will gravitate to it and the support you’ll receive is just incredible. You’ll surprise yourself, the self – satisfaction of making that little bit of a difference, is super rewarding!


Find out more about how you can make a difference by getting involved with fundraising. 100% of all funds raised will go directly towards cutting-edge Parkinson’s Research for better treatments to slow, stop and prevent Parkinson’s progression.