Dom completes 100km run for Parkinson’s
Friday, 2nd October 2020

CONGRATULATIONS TO DOM, our hero this week, who finished his 100km challenge on the weekend for Parkinson’s. This enormous challenge was inspired by Dom’s uncle Gaz and the challenges Parkinson’s brings to his life. Dom said “We have watched Gaz totally lose his independence. When he couldn’t balance on a pushbike properly on a family holiday in Vietnam we all had a bit of a laugh, including Gaz. Fast forward eight years and he is wheelchair bound, requires assistance in all aspects of his life, is unable to verbally communicate or hold a facial expression, requires full time care in a modified house and even the thought of going outside is an enormous challenge.”

How did it feel to complete 100km of running?

The hardest part was at around the 55km mark and also having to do an extra lap around the car park to make it the full distance.  Being cheered on by Dad and the whole family  – feeling very proud to have made it.

What drives your commitment to a cure for Parkinson’s?

I have two commitment drivers. Firstly, watching the rapid deterioration in the quality of life for my uncle is a pretty strong driver. Secondly, shining a light on the affects that Parkinson’s has on the family is another driver. My aunty went from being a full time teacher to a full time carer in the space of only a few years. She is the strongest and most resilient person I know. Parkinson’s has halted and flipped her life upside down too.

Could you challenge yourself for Parkinson’s this Spring? As a small charity, our community fundraisers are the heart of what keeps us going. Your efforts will make a difference. Find out more today and together, we can find a cure for Parkinson’s.