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Clinical trials are the final and crucial step in delivering new drugs to pharmacy shelves. Yet 85% of trials face delays and 30% never get off the ground due to a lack of volunteers.

To meet this challenge and expedite the drug development process, The Michael J. Fox Foundation developed Fox Trial Finder, a web based tool that matches patients and their loved ones to the trials that urgently need them. By matching participants to trials, Fox Trial Finder removes barriers to research, bringing better treatments to patients faster.

For Patients

When you participate in research, you give something money can’t buy. Fox Trial Finder opens the door to your opportunity to make a priceless contribution in the search for a cure. While dozens of new clinical trials are launched each year challenges identifying participants too often mean that these studies finish late — or never really get started.

Today, 80 percent of trials fail to recruit enough volunteers within planned timelines. This slows research progress and deters funders from investing in Parkinson’s research.  It is estimated that only 1 in 10 people with Parkinson’s participate in clinical trials. Yet in spite of the challenges, we know that this low participation rate belies the Parkinson’s community’s significant interest in stepping up.

Fox Trial Finder makes it easy for patients and their loved ones to find personalised potential trial matches based on specific individual criteria (i.e. location and medical history). You can connect with trial teams to learn more about participating, and stay alerted to potential future matches that arise as new trials start recruiting.

Join the effort to speed breakthroughs today by visiting Fox Trial Finder and creating your profile. Thank you for being part of the answer.

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A Message from Michael

Dear Friend,

The answer to Parkinson’s disease is bigger than any single individual. The answer is truly in all of us, working together. International collaboration is essential for speeding a cure for the 5 million Parkinson’s patients worldwide.

There’s a unique role you can play in our movement: participate in clinical research. Fox Trial Finder makes it easy to find the trials that make sense for you.

Join me and the thousands of other volunteers at

With gratitude,

Michael J. Fox
Actor, Author, Activist, and Founder of
the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

For Researchers

Fox Trial Finder is a Web-based smart matching tool developed and managed by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. This tool helps Parkinson’s clinical trial teams connect with volunteers who want to participate in research. Fox Trial Finder aims to increase access to volunteers who have already indicated they want to get involved in research by suggesting matches and allowing trial teams to contact potential volunteers online.

Who can use Fox Trial Finder?

On the research side, Fox Trial Finder can be used by anyone recruiting volunteers for a clinical trial. By creating a profile and linking to a trial on Fox Trial Finder, trial team members can review and send messages to interested volunteers registered on Fox Trial Finder. Overall study coordinators, or trial leads, can also invite members of their trial team to register as site owners to manage recruitment for specific sites.

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