Jimmy Regained Control of his Parkinson’s Through Exercise

Parkinson’s affects everyone differently. And each individual’s approach to living with it is just as variable.

Jimmy Choi was just 27 when he was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease.  He initially kept his diagnosis a secret and 7 years on he was still in denial.  Having gained a lot of weight and suffering a bad fall he knew that he had to make changes.  An article in a magazine about a man running a marathon with Parkinson’s was the turning point for Jimmy.  Jimmy started out small and made a commitment to run some 5km races. He has now run 14 marathons and raised over 100,000 for Parkinson’s research. Running and exercise allowed him to confront the disease head-on and regain control of his life. The rest is history.

Exercise has allowed Jimmy to manage his on/off period better and by strengthening his muscles his balance is better

Last year Jimmy was selected for the American Ninja Warrrior and this year is making a return to the series which will air on Monday June 18.   

“I don’t move like other runners, cyclists, and I certainly don’t move like other ninjas. Yet I try to find ways to defy the odds presented to me. When one road is blocked, change your course. You will find a way,” says Jimmy.

If you are inspired by Jimmy’s story,commit today and find an event in your state. Most events have various distances that you can either walk or run so there’s something for everyone.

Alternatively, you could join us for the Camino for a Cure Trek in September this year were a group of like-minded people are trekking the Camino in Spain for Parkinson’s disease. If you have always wanted to visit this “bucket list” destination then now is your opportunity.