Kristy Johnson

Kristy Johnson - Ambassador Shake It Up Australia FoundationAfter a close family member was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Kristy made it her goal to raise awareness and draw attention to the misconceptions of living with the disease.

She is passionate in learning about the latest research and clinical trials that will not only help to alleviate symptoms for those living with Parkinson’s, but also highlight the early warning signs before a diagnosis is made.

For over 10 years, Kristy has been working as a writer and journalist for online publications and magazines and is passionate about the lifestyle and entertainment industries.

She has studied business and events management at the University of Technology Sydney and finished her secondary education in Sydney.

Upon hearing of the amazing work founder and CEO Clyde Campbell has accomplished to-date, Kristy immediately wanted to become a part of the Shake It Up family.

She hopes to connect with other like-minded individuals who are passionate in learning more about living with Parkinson’s Disease.

When not working, Kristy can be found at the gym, enjoying a glass of red wine, or watching a Louis Theroux documentary.